Believer's Baptism In Water

Woman being baptised by full immersion

The Meaning of "Baptism "

The word "baptism" comes from a Greek word meaning "to immerse, plunge or submerge something or someone in a liquid".

•  Cloth was dyed different colours by being baptised in vats of different coloured dyes.

•  The same word in Greek was used to describe a ship that had sunk ie was completely submerged

So to baptise someone means to submerge or immerse the person or thing in water.

The Meaning of John the Baptist's Baptism   MATTHEW 3:1-14

Q What was John the Baptist doing? (vv 1,6)

Q Before people were baptised in water by John, what did they have to do? (vv 2, 6)

Q What does the word repent mean?

Baptism As A Sign Of Confession & Cleansing From Sin

So being baptised in water was a sign of -

1. CLEANSING OF SINS because their sins were forgiven by God after

2. CONFESSION OF SINS & REPENTANCE from their sinful way of life. ACTS 19:1-7


1. BAPTISM IN ITSELF DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON A CHRISTIAN - only God the Holy Spirit can do that.

2. BAPTISM IS A SIGN THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS ALREADY DONE A WORK OF GOD'S GRACE IN A PERSON - the person has admitted he/she is a sinner in God's eyes, has asked God's forgiveness and has become a new creation as a result of the Holy Spirit causing the person to be born again or born from above.

3. BAPTISM CLEARLY INVOLVES CONFESSION OF SIN, REPENTANCE & FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, which is why it is sometimes called BELIEVER'S BAPTISM to distinguish it from other forms of baptism practised in different denominations of the Christian Church. (For an outline of some of the different views on baptism, including infant baptism and baptism as a sacrament click the link here DIFFERENT VIEWS ON BAPTISM.)

4. BELIEVER'S BAPTISM INVOLVES A PERSON BEING SUBMERGED UNDER WATER so his/her whole body is completely covered.

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