Grieving The Death Of A Loved One

Below are some practical suggestions for Christians grieving the death of a loved one -  Woman grieving

1  Recognise the Stages of Grief outlined in GRIEF AS A RIVER and WORKING THROUGH GRIEF. If you find yourself overwhelmed, you may need to seek the help of one of the specialist bereavement groups listed below.

2  Recognise that it is OK to have feelings, and that no one can tell you how you ought to feel at any given time. Feelings are just feelings  - they come and go, often unbidden and for no apparent rhyme or reason.

3  Let friends you trust help you by listening to you sharing your grief and by giving practical support, if needed. But also recognise they will not necessarily understand what you are going through, unless they themselves have experienced grief at the death of a loved one.

4  Realise there are times when you need to be alone and rest in the LORD (PSALM 46:10) and other times when you need the fellowship of other Christians around you to minister God's love to you.

5  Tell God how you are feeling in prayer, as well as in music or raging at the way you feel. There is nothing you are feeling that is going to take God by surprise or make him angry with you. Some of the PSALMS are a great way to express one's feelings: for example, PSALMS 22; 39; 42-43; 23; 27; 40; 90; 103 and 106.

6  Above all remind yourself that nothing can separate us from God's love and that all things work together for good for those who love the LORD and are called according to his purposes (ROMANS 8:28,35-39).

Several organisations offer help with specific problems of bereavement.
Below are some useful links.


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