The Horror Of Roman Crucifixion


The Flogging Beforehand

Roman scourge

Photo: A Roman flagrum or scourge with lead balls

Before the condemned man was crucified, he was tortured by being flogged with a flagrum - a whip with lead balls or bits of bone embedded at the ends. The purpose was to cause as much pain as possible prior to the execution, and in some cases was so severe that the victim died.

The Condemned Man Made To Carry His Own Cross

The condemned man was forced to carry part of his own cross to the place of execution. This was the cross bar, or patibulum, on which his arms and hands were fixed, either with nails or ropes.This cross bar was fixed to an upright stake.
Diagram showing man nailed to cross



Diagram of How A Person Was Crucified 
Illustration by kind permission of Harold Arandia



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