The Dove & Dynamite of God

Dove descending Explosion


The Spirit Is The Peace Of God

The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus as he rose up out of the River Jordan as he was baptised as a sign of God the Father's love for his beloved Son. As such he brings the love, joy and peace of Jesus to all God's children.

In JOHN 14:26-27 Jesus promised God's supernatural peace to all believers before he ascended to heaven.

The Spirit Is The Power Of God Who Raised Jesus Christ From The Dead

But the Holy Spirit is also God's power - the Greek word dunamis is the word Alfred Nobel coined to name his newly discovered explosive. He is the Third Person of the Trinity who raised Jesus Christ to life from the dead and who gives God's supernatural life to all who are born anothen from above as Jesus told Nicodemus (JOHN 3:3-7).

Paul promised the Christians in Rome that God would fill them with the supernatural power of the Spirit, who raised Jesus Christ to life from the dead (ROMANS 8:1-11).




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