Demonic Affliction & Infiltration

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Demonic Attacks From Outside & Inside

Demonic attacks on Christians are either from OUTSIDE the person or from INSIDE.

A number of translations of the New Testament refer to demon possession. The New Testament never uses the term. The Greek refers to individuals being demonised or having an evil spirit. This means that a born again Christian cannot be demon-possessed or completely taken over by demonic spirits, because s/he is indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

But Christians can be demonised to a greater or lesser degree - that is, afflicted by demonic spirits from outside them, and sometimes from inside,
if they have given satan legal authority to harass them.

Sources Of Demonic Affliction & Infiltration

Demonic affliction or infiltration may happen as a result of the following -

•  DELIBERATE REPEATED SIN against God's laws about sexual     relationships

•  IDOLATRY, including worship of wealth rather than God


, including      curses

Some Christian writers and preachers say that a Christian cannot be afflicted by demonic spirits. But if that were true, why does Paul go to such lengths in EPHESIANS 6:10-18 to warn us to put on the whole armour of God for the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged, whether we like it or not?

Jesus Confronted By A Demonised Person In Church

Jesus himself was confronted by a demonised man the first time he went into the synagogue (ie church) in Capernaum (MARK 1:21-28), so we should not be surprised at times if we find such people in church meetings where the Holy Spirit is present ministering Jesus to people.

For signs of demonic affliction, see Francis MacNutt  DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL SPIRITS: A Practical Manual.


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