Some Evidence A Person Has Been Born Again

Below are some of the indicators a person has been born again from above supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.

A hunger and thirst for more of God in my life
A desire to read God's Word  - The Bible  - every day for spiritual food
A new sense of wonder at the enormity and beauty of God's creation
A realisation of God's amazing grace and love for sinners like me
Knowing my sins are forgiven because of Jesus' death on the Cross
A desire to speak to God as my heavenly Father & hear what he says
Experiencing God answering prayers
The Bible has come alive & I experience God speaking to me through it
Amazement that Jesus loved me so much he was willing to die for me
Experiencing an infilling of the enabling grace & power of the Holy Spirit
Awareness of changed desires and attitudes towards things and people
A newfound love for others especially the suffering & marginalised
A hatred of things God hates / a desire to be "as holy as a saved sinner can be" 
[A prayer of Robert Murray McCheyne, a godly minister in Dundee in the 19th  
A heart full of praise and worship for God's loving-kindness and mercy
An assurance of eternal life with Jesus in heaven when I die
A desire to share God's love and the Good News about Jesus with others


Q How do you know that you have been 'born again'?
Q Do you know that your sins are forgiven and that if you died tonight you would be  
    alive with Jesus in heaven?
Q What difference has being born from above by the Holy Spirit made in your everyday
    Have friends or family noticed a change and made any comments?






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