Finding God In His Creation

Sunset over Loch Lomond

Sunset over Loch Lomond, Scotland
Photo: © Andrew McMahon used by kind permission

Creation Points To An Intelligent Designer

Have you ever looked at a beautiful sunset or at the delicate tracery of a spider's web in the dew and wondered at the incredible mind that created them?

The apostle Paul in ROMANS 1:20 says people have no excuse for thinking that such beauty came about by chance mutations over millions of years through a process of natural selection. The evidence for God's invisible characteristics - his awesome power and infinite wisdom - are visible to everyone.

The Problem Of Human Rebellion & Idolatry - Finding Substitutes For God

The problem is that human beings rebel at the idea of being subject to a Creator God. We prefer to think that we are in control and so we substitute all sorts of other things in place of God, Paul says.




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