The Key To Temptation

Heaven or hell
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Free Will To Choose To Go God's Way vs My Way

The key to understanding the origins of evil and suffering is the concept of FREE WILL.

When God created angels and human beings, he created them for a loving relationship. As we have seen in LOOKING FOR LOVE IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, man's inherited tendency since his rebellion in the Garden of Eden is to try to satisfy his/her three crucial needs for security, self-worth and significance in any way s/he can without reference to God.

Human Sin:  The "Sinatra Syndrome"

Sin is man's refusal to let God be God or to go God's way. In the words of a song by Frank Sinatra, " I did it my way."

Jesus' Victories Over Satan

Jesus' victories over satan

• in the desert
• in the Garden of Gethsemane
• on the Cross at Calvary

were the result of his decision to obey GOD'S WILL rather than to go his OWN WAY.


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