Ways God Reveals Himself To Christians
Knowing God Is Real

How We Can Know God Is Real

Every born again Christian can have a real relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and know the reality of him speaking to them, as Jesus promised in JOHN 10:27.

This knowledge of God comes in two ways -

•  OBJECTIVELY through creation, the cross & resurrection of Jesus Christ,      and through the Bible

•  SUBJECTIVELY through the Bible coming alive, God speaking to us,
    guiding, answering prayers, guarding and protecting us, providing for our
    needs, giving us his peace, changing our desires and transforming our    

Use the checklist below to check the ways you have experienced God revealing himself to you personally -

Through the BIBLE by speaking to me personally, specifically, repeatedly,
     prophetically, through words of comfort


Through a sense of HIS PRESENCE in a meeting, during a time of prayer
     or worship

Through HIS PROVISION for my needs of body, soul and spirit 
     eg financially; through healing or deliverance from spiritual bondage

Through HIS PEACE which Jesus promised to us before he left the earth

Through HIS DISCIPLINE by means of a rebuke in Scripture, a sermon or
     another Christian

Through KEEPING HIS PROMISES never to fail us or forsake us

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