Jesus The Good Shepherd

Photo of eastern shepherd and sheep
An Eastern shepherd with his flock   

The Lord's My Shepherd   PSALM 23  

This psalm of David is probably one of the best known passages of Scripture because it is a favourite at weddings and funerals. In it David likens God to a Good Shepherd who loves and cares for his sheep.

The shepherd  -

•  LEADS me beside gently flowing streams
•  RENEWS my strength
•  GUIDES me in the right path
•  PROTECTS me even through the shadow of Death Valley
my fears
•  FEEDS me instead of allowing me to be a meal for enemies
•  ANOINTS my head with the oil of blessing
•  LETS ME BE WITH HIM forever

It's a wonderful picture of God's gracious blessings to his children, as described in other passages in the Old Testament:

PSALM 100:3   We are his people, the sheep of his pasture
ISAIAH 53:6     We all like sheep have gone astray
ISAIAH 40:11   He will feed his flock like a shepherd

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