Jesus' Victory Over Satan: Round 1

Judaean desert

The Judaean Desert where Jesus met and defeated satan using Scripture
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In The Desert   MATTHEW 4:1-11

Jesus' baptism in water and in Holy Spirit was followed immediately by a challenge from the enemy to prove he really was/is who God said he was.

The Tests / Temptations

IF you are the Son of God, THEN prove it by testing God's -

•  PROVISION  for your body by providing bread from  stones
    Answer: DEUTERONOMY 8:3 Man does not live by bread alone but by     every rhema word that proceeds from the mouth of God

•  PROTECTION  from all harm by the miracle of saving your soul
    Answer: DEUTERONOMY 6:16 Do not put God to the test

•  POWER  over all earthly & spiritual kingdoms by worshipping another god
    Answer: DEUTERONOMY 6:13  You shall worship no other god but     YHWH

Satan's temptations of Jesus in the desert were a deliberate attempt to prevent Jesus from fulfilling his God-given mission to save the world. 

If Jesus had failed the tests in the desert, he could not have gone on to win the victory at Calvary and complete God's salvation plan.

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