Keeping a Spiritual Journal

A JOURNAL can be a special book or just a notebook we keep beside us - the purpose is to record what we sense God is saying to us so that we can meditate on it and take action as appropriate.

Different Kinds Of Entry In A Spiritual Journal

Below are some examples  -

•  Scripture verse that caught my attention while reading the Bible during my daily Quiet Time containing a promise, a prophetic word, an instruction, a word of encouragement or rebuke

•  Scripture reference which led me to a particular verse or passage : sometimes this might include confirmation of what God has already been saying

•  Comment on a verse of Scripture in Bible reading notes or a calendar

•  Picture while praying or meditating on Scripture

•  Word of wisdom into a particular situation

•  Word of knowledge or prophetic word God wants me to share with someone

•  Word of guidance about an important decision to be made

•  Quotes from books and sermons

•  God's beautiful creation -  a stunning sunset or view or birdsong that    spoke to me

•  Praise & worship words of songs, hymns and choruses that God used to speak to me

Journal Entries Are For Meditating On What God Is Saying

The point is to make a note so I can meditate on what God is saying to me and then obey.

Journal Entries As Spiritual Markers

Journal entries are also A SOURCE OF ENCOURAGEMENT when things are tough and we are tempted to forget God's faithfulness in the past. They act as SPIRITUAL MARKERS reminding us of the times we encountered God in particular situations and of how he intervened to save, heal or deliver us.

Read PSALM 103 which is an example of David reminding himself, and us, of God's wonderful love and faithfulness.


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