The Key: Christ's Compassion  


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The Motivation For Ministry: The Love of Christ

The motivation for all Christian ministry down the centuries has been the love of God, demonstrated supremely on the Cross at Calvary. The Cross is God's way of saying: " I cannot love you more than this."   

 In 2 CORINTHIANS 5:14 Paul says it is the love of Christ that grips him and compels him to share the love of Jesus with others. The history of Christian missions has been of individuals filled with the love of Christ and called to share that love with a world of sin, suffering and death.

The Love-Cycle Of Christian Ministry

God is in the business of recycling sinners and sending them out as
wounded healers to bring his love to others.
When we experience God's love for us, we find ourselves saying like Paul on the road to Damascus "What do you want me to do, LORD?" ACTS 22:10, as illustrated in the diagram below.

Ministry cycle 

The Love-Cycle & History Of Christian Missions

The history of Christian missionary outreach is an example of how God has used Christians to take the love of Christ to those who are suffering and need to experience the love of God for themselves before they will respond by loving him in return.

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