Knowing God Personally

Below is an outline of topics in this unit. For a more detailed map of the topics in this unit, go to KNOWING GOD PERSONALLY map.


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FINDING GOD...examines the ways God has revealed himself throughout history to those who seek him.


WALKING WITH JESUS DAY BY DAY...looks at Jesus' relationship with God as his heavenly Father he modelled for his disciples to follow.

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THE TRINITY...examines the Three-in-One God  -  Father, Son and Holy Spirit  -  and the Person, Work and Names of each.

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THE CHURCH...looks at The Church as The Body of Christ and The Family of God from its birth at Pentecost to the present day.


STATEMENTS OF FAITH... examines the development of creeds and how believers can have assurance of salvation, know that God is real and Jesus is alive.





















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