Learning To Minister Like Jesus

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Jesus' Model of Ministry & Discipleship

From a large number of people who followed him about the country, captivated by his teaching and his miracles, Jesus chose a small number of disciples to be with him so that, before he eventually returned to heaven, he could train them to do what he had been doing.

Before he left, Jesus gave his disciples some instructions which can be summarised as follows  -
•  Live in my presence - make yourselves at home in my love and in your heavenly Father's love, and stick close to us [JOHN 15:1-5].
•  Know that apart from me you can do nothing [JOHN 15:5].
Know that I'm the Boss, so listen to me and follow where I lead [JOHN 10:27].
•  Wait for the empowering of the Holy Spirit before you start trying to do what I'm calling you to do [ACTS 1:8-9}.
•  Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News that the kingdom-rule of God has come in Person  -  God rules OK, not satan.
•  Baptise them, the way you saw me being baptised, in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit - The Trinity [MATTHEW 28:19-20]
•  Teach them to do everything I have taught you to do - share the good news, heal the sick & set captives free, as I lead & empower you
•  Train up others as I show you who the potential leaders are. Teach them to do the same things I have taught you and so on....
•  Expect trouble but don't worry because I'll never abandon you [JOHN 16:33]
•  Be wise in the way you behave  -  don't be gullible idiots  [MATTHEW 10:16].
•  Above all, know that no one can snatch you out of my love, if you keep close to me [JOHN 10:27-29].

Jesus' method of discipling is instructive for us because over the centuries we have forgotten his command to make disciples rather than converts.

We are called.........
•  to be disciples of Jesus Christ
•  to disciple others, so they too will follow Jesus day by day and be salt and light in a dark and rotten world.

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