Living In A Fallen World

Paramedics attending an injured person

Paramedics attending a car accident victim  Photo: © Murray Wilson

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

The Bible views suffering as a result of several things  -

A. NATURAL EVIL: The Results Of Living In A Fallen World

•  Genetically inherited diseases  eg  infant leukaemia

•  Natural disasters eg earthquakes; tsunamis; volcanic eruptions; famines     
ROMANS 8:19-22

B. MORAL EVIL: The Result Of Human Sin  

a. committed by me;   b. committed against me by others

•  Famine resulting from civil war

•  Death & destruction in wars and conflicts

•  Divorce/the breakup of families due to violence

•  Murder, rape & crimes of violence

•  Fraud & internet scams

•  Accidents & deaths resulting from drink-driving

•  HIV/AIDS & sexually transmitted diseases

C. SATANIC EVIL: suffering resulting from satan's attempts to harm    
     God's creation, God's children & God's church.

•  Satanic ritual abuse & murder

•  Drugs, prostitution & sex trafficking

•  Violence & murder resulting from religious extremism      
    eg Islamic terrorism; religious sectarianism; anti-abortion lobby violence
•  Religious violence and persecution

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