Praying For God's Provision

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Prayer Of Petition For Our Daily Needs    

This is where we come to God and ask him to provide what we need to be able to live the way he wants us to live. It’s not just for ourselves  -  it includes praying for our families and the folk we’ll meet today. And it includes asking for God’s strength to be able to do everything that has to be done today. This kind of prayer is called A Prayer of Petition (petition just means asking for things!) .

Jesus said to his disciples: I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I remain in you, you will bear much fruit. Without me (and my Holy Spirit's enabling power) you can do absolutely nothing.
JOHN 15:5

Ask God for his provision for all your daily needs using the prayer below as an example.

A Prayer of Petition

Heavenly Father, I pray for your Holy Spirit’s enabling grace and strength to be Jesus wherever I go today. Help me to see what you’re wanting me to do and hear what you want me to say in any particular situation, and give me the strength to be obedient and do whatever you tell me to do. Thank you, LORD Jesus, that you promised never to leave us or abandon us to our own devices. Please fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit to be the person you want me to be and do the things you want me to do today.  Amen.


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