Praying For God's Protection

Roman legionary of the 1st century AD 
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Putting On The Armour Of God

Jesus tells his disciples to pray each day for God's protection against temptation, or tests.

In EPHESIANS 6:10-18 Paul describes the armour and weapons God has provided for the fight. His list is based on the standard equipment of a Roman legionary in the photograph.

Paul mentions the following pieces of spiritual armour and weapons   -

•  HELMET of salvation protecting our minds against the enemy's
    accusations and doubts

•  BREASTPLATE of righteousness because we have been clothed with
    Christ's righteousness

•  BELT of truth because Jesus is the truth with which to combat the
    enemy's lies

•  SHIELD of faith Jesus is the author & finisher of our faith to combat the     enemy's accusations

•  SWORD of the Spirit the rhema Word of God empowered by the Holy

•  SOLDIER'S BOOTS consisting of the Good News of peace with God
    through faith in Christ


Q1 What kinds of temptations or tests do you find the hardest to withstand
     in your daily life as a Christian?

Q2 What other weapon does Paul mention in verse 18 for waging aggressive
     spiritual warfare?

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