The Fruit Of The Spirit is....

Orange peeled showing nine segments

Photo: © Rodica Ciorba

.......................................Agape-love: One Fruit In Nine Flavours   

God's love is rather like an orange  -  a single fruit with many segments.The fruit the Holy Spirit produces in us as we surrender to him is God's supernatural agape-love. Only the Holy Spirit of God can produce it in a person through the process known as sanctification, as s/he is submitted to God and allows him to transform him/her [For more on this see GROWING IN CHRIST.]

The Fruit of the Spirit

In GALATIANS 5:22-24 Paul mentions nine forms of the Fruit of the Spirit.  

•  AGAPE-LOVE as described by Paul in 1 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13
•  JOY singing
•  PEACE is resting
•  PATIENCE enduring
•  KINDNESS caring
•  GOODNESS in action
•  FAITHFULNESS persevering
•  GENTLENESS touching
•  SELF-CONTROL denying self



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