The Lust Of The Eyes

Want - Need  -  Must Have
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Encouraging Debt & Getting Something For Nothing

•  Banks and money-lending agencies advertise offers of large loans with  adverts saying
   "Take The
Waiting Out Of Wanting"
    Result: A rise in the number of people in debt from buying things on credit without any thought of
    how they are going to pay for them.

•  Some shops deliberately attract customers by displaying goods in ways that make shoplifting
and attractive.
    Result: A rise in shoplifting, fraud and dishonesty

•  Gambling casinos, the national lottery and internet gambling also appeal to individuals' desire
    to get something for nothing

    Result:  An increase in the rates for gambling addiction.

The Temptation To Pride & Vanity

To tempt people to pride satan holds out

•  The offer of great wealth or instant fame on TV gameshows and talent shows.

•  Adverts for beauty products that will make you look younger and appeal to our vanity.

•  Overemphasis on status at work, academic or sporting success, and the cult of celebrity

All these activities are part of our attempts to live our lives without reference to God, who created us for relationship with him so we might find our three crucial needs met by him. 

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