My Identity In Christ


Who Do You Think You Are? 

When someone asks "Who are you?" how do you answer?
Perhaps you say:
  " I'm X" and give your NAME.
•  Maybe you say " I'm the son/daughter/husband/wife of X"
   and define yourself in terms of your FAMILY.
•  Or maybe you define yourself by WHAT YOU DO -
    " I'm a postman/housewife/etc"

•  We were spiritually dead in our sinful way of life but in Christ we came alive spiritually.
•  We were enemies of God  but God in his love saved us in Christ
•  We were headed for hell but God raised us up to heaven in Christ

My Identity Is Based On My Position In Christ, Not My Performance In The Eyes Of Others

Our salvation is assured by our position in Christ, not by performance of good works
In the passage above Paul says that God in his grace and mercy chose us to be his children and gave us the gift being saved from the punishment our sins deserved when we put our trsut in Jesus' Blood to pay for them.

That's amazing grace indeed!



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