The Deceit Of New Age Spirituality

If you type the word "Healing" into a web browser, you will see many references to books and articles on the subject. But don't be fooled. Most of them are counterfeits of divine (ie Christian) healing  -  the product of New Age spirituality, which is a blend of eastern mysticism and old-fashioned occultism.

The Occult Roots Of New Age Spirituality

New Age spirituality is based on the occult writings of founders like Helen Blavatsky and her followers, whose aim was to reinstate old-fashioned occult beliefs in the guise of a new, One World Religious Order.

Central to these beliefs are the following ideas   -

•  ALL IS ONE (Monism) All life and living things are infused with a     universal, spiritual force

•  ALL IS GOD (Pantheism)  We are all gods. We just need to tap into the     god within us through practising various spiritual exercises (eg yoga) to     attain altered states of consciousness

•  ALL IS WELL (Atheism) There is no God. No good and evil. No such     things as sin, judgement or heaven and hell.  All of us will go to 'The 
    Omega Point'
  -  The Point of Light  -  the place of eternal joy and perfect
    peace, they say.

NOTE: It is interesting to note that Jesus says to the old apostle John in REVELATION 1:17-18 “Do not be afraid. I am the First (Alpha) and the Last (Omega).  I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades."

Alpha (A)is the first letter in the Greek alphabet = English letter A
Omega (Ω)is the last letter in the Greek alphabet = English letter Z

The different religions are just different roads to the same destination, they claim. What we need is a One World Religion, based on a new gospel.

The Call To Preach A New Gospel: "We Are All One"

The quotation below comes from one of the gurus of the New Age movement, Neale Donald Walsch, in a collection of articles written in response to the attacks on the World Trade Centre, New York, on the 11th September 2001.

"We must change ourselves. We must change the beliefs upon which our behaviors are based. We must create a different reality, build a new society…. We must do so with new spiritual truths. We must preach a new gospel, its healing message summarized in two sentences: We are all one. Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way. This 15-word message, delivered from every lectern and pulpit, from every rostrum and platform, could change everything overnight. I challenge every priest, every minister, every rabbi and religious cleric to preach this."   ~ from  Neale Donald Walsch WHAT IS THE PROPER RESPONSE TO HATRED & VIOLENCE? in Beliefnet Editors, From the Ashes: A Spiritual Response to the Attack on America (USA: Rodale Inc., 2001), p. 21

The Exclusivity Of Christ

There is just one problem with this. Jesus said: "I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to God the Father except through (faith in) Me."  JOHN 14:6

For more on this click JESUS THE ONLY WAY.

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