A Secret Christian: Nicodemus

Being a Christian is dangerous in some countries  

A Religious Leader Attracted To Jesus

Nicodemus was a member of the Jewish religious Council - The Sanhedrin - and someone who was widely respected in the community. He visited Jesus at night in secret so his other Council members wouldn't know he was intrigued by this charismatic rabbi who was amassing a massive following for some reason.

He was an older man who showed discernment as well as discretion, because when the Council were planning to arrest Jesus and put him on trial for blasphemy, Nicodemus cautioned them against hauling him up in front of a kangaroo court, thereby breaking the Law of Moses they claimed to be defending. The result? Some of his fellow council mmbers accused him of being a secret follower of Jesus!

It is also Nicodemus, along with Joseph of Arimathea, who sees to ensuring that Jesus' body is treated with dignity after the crucifixion and provides a considerable sum of money to buy the spices to embalm the body when the Sabbath is over.

By this time it seems, Nicodemus has burnt all his boats and is not afraid to be seen to be a follower of this crucified Messiah.

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Q1 Have you ever been - or even are at the moment - a secret Christian?
Q2 What kind of things held Nicodemus back from following Jesus openly, do you think?
Q3 What kind of things might hold people back today from witnessing for Christ?

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