Praise & Worship

Arms outstretched in praise

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Giving God His Worthship

We praise God for who he is and what he has done, especially his amazing grace in revealing his love for us through his Son Jesus Christ.
Worship is giving God his worthship  -   because he is the only Person in the universe who is worth it.

Praising God In The Psalms

The Psalms are a great resource for praising and worshipping God.
PSALM 19:1-2
 The heavens declare the glory of God

Some Psalms of Praise and Worship

• His awesome power seen in creation and the universe  PSALM 19 
• God’s majestic power as creator God of the whole universe  PSALM 29; PSALM 96; PSALM 99; PSALM 150
• The wonders of God’s creation seen in a human being PSALM 139
• God’s grace and mercy in answering prayer  PSALM 40; PSALM 116
• God’s faithfulness to us over many years     PSALM 103; PSALM 107
• God’s gracious care and provision    PSALM 23
• The wonders of God’s Law       PSALM 119
• God’s mercy and forgiveness when we repent   PSALM 32; PSALM 51
• A song of praise  PSALM 100


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