Preparing To Listen To God

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Aids To Listening To God

When we come to read the Bible, we need to find  -
•  THE WORD OF GOD  -  The Bible  -  in a readable translation
•  NOTEPAD and PEN for noting down what the Holy Spirit says to us

Two Methods Of Bible Reading  -

•  DEVOTIONAL READING  to allow God to speak to my heart
•  SYSTEMATIC STUDY   to let God speak to my head

Reading the Bible devotionally is like reading letters from God our heavenly Father. Many Christians use Bible reading notes to help them listen to God each day, for example  -

Scripture Union WordLive 

Our Daily Bread Notes
UCB Word for Today Notes

These are all available on the internet by clicking on the links above.

Q  Do you use Bible reading notes ?  If so, what do you use?

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