Recognising God's Voice


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Ways God Speaks In The Bible

All the way through the Bible, we see God speaking to individuals.

• GENESIS 17:1-5  Abraham
GENESIS 37:5-9 
EXODUS 3:1-10 
• 1 SAMUEL 3:1-10
The boy Samuel
JEREMIAH 1:1-12 
The young Jeremiah
LUKE 1:5-22 and 7-64
Old Zechariah
ACTS 2:22-38 
ACTS 8:26-38 
Philip - An Ethiopian
ACTS 9:1-19    Saul of Tarsus; old  Ananias
ACTS 10:1-17
  A Roman army officer                                        

Q How did God speak to each of these individuals?

God Loves To Speak To His Children Today

God loves to communicate with his children today just as we see him communicating with individuals in the Bible.

In 1 SAMUEL 3:1-10, we see how a young boy had to learn to recognise God's voice. If we are to grow in our relationship with God as our heavenly Father, we need to learn to recognise the ways he speaks to us personally.

Learning To Listen To God's Voice Takes Time

Samuel did not recognise God's voice to begin with. But he learned to recognise the unmistakable ways in which God speaks to his children and became the foremost prophet in Israel.

In the following pages you will learn of ways God still speaks to individuals today if we are listening.

Q Have you heard God speaking to you?
Q How did he speak to you?
Q How did you know it was God speaking?


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