Relationship, Not Religion

RELIGION based on


Human beings are
  basically sinful
• No one seeks God by nature
• God reveals himself to
  those who seek him
Human beings are
   basically good & evolving

People strive to reach
  God through religious
  rules &  rituals
God's covenant love & offer
  of forgiveness of sin for a
  response of love & obedience
  based on faith in Christ
Religion based on legalistic
  observance of  rules &  rituals
• Forgiveness of sins from
  doing good works &
  keeping rules & rituals
• God's grace & love for
  sinners shown by
  Christ's death on the Cross.
• Relationship based on
  gratitude for his love
Man's efforts to keep the  rules
• God's forgiveness based  on
keeping man-made rules & 
  human effort to  please God
Forgiveness of sins &
  eternal life by being
  born again by the Spirit
Failure to keep God's laws
• The wages of sin = death
   & separation from God for ever

Born Into A Relationship With God

When we are born again by the Holy Spirit, we enter into a relationship with God as our heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally with an everlasting love. The ultimate proof of this is Jesus' death on the Cross in our place to forgive our sins and put us right with God. When we put our faith in Jesus, God adopts us as sons and daughters EPHESIANS 1:5.  

The Difference Between Faith & Religion

RELIGION comes from the Latin word  religio which means to "bind someone with an oath to someone else" (usually the Roman emperor). It involves obeying a set of rules and following a set of rituals. 

FAITH on the other hand means putting my trust in God based on what I know about him from the Bible, from my personal experience of him and by having a real relationship with God as Father. In MATTHEW 23:1-12 Jesus had some hard words to say to the Pharisees and Jewish religious leaders about being religious and having a real relationship with God as heavenly Father.

Read about John Wesley's journey from being sincerely religious to a real relationship with God by clicking on JOHN WESLEY.


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