Repentance: What Is It?


Reformat Your Hard Drive

Becoming a Christian is a bit like reformatting the hard drive on your computer. It is a radical process of wiping off the old data and installing brand new software.

Repentance involves  -

• A supernatural work of the Holy Spirit showing us our sin and need to get right with God

• Our telling God we are sorry and that we want to turn from our sinful ways to go his way

REPENTANCE means turning from my rebellious old ways and turning to God in faith & obedience.  

It involves three changes  -

A.   A Changed Mind (thoughts/attitudes)

The Holy Spirit has convicted the person of his/her sin, God's righteousness, and final judgement (JOHN 16:8-11)

• God’s holiness, hatred of sin and the need to punish those who reject his love and his laws

• His/her own sinfulness in the eyes of a holy God    1 JOHN 1:8,10

• Jesus’ death on the cross in his/ her place to save him/her from God’s punishment for sin

• Jesus’ resurrection and ascension is the means whereby God sends His Holy Spirit to indwell the
   Christian with eternal (spiritual) life

• S/he realises it is only Jesus' blood shed at Calvary for the forgiveness of sins that can save him/       her from God's wrath on the Day of Judgement


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