Resources For Groups

The 3:10 Discipleship Course has been designed to encourage both personal and corporate discipleship.

•  The WEBSITE is primarily for individual study to encourage a deeper personal walk with Jesus day by day.

•  The RESOURCES FOR GROUPS have been designed to encourage corporate discipleship within the Body of Christ.

The resources for groups are in pdf format. They can be opened using Adobe Reader™ which can be dowloaded free by double-clicking on the icon below and saving the file to your computer.  

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Three Kinds of Resources  -

•  COURSE OUTLINES are suggested outlines for groups at three different stages of Christian growth.
01  The Basics of the Christian Faith looks at the essentials of what it means to be a Christian in the postmodern world.
02  Life in the Spirit looks at the call to holiness and to ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit
03  Sharing Christ's Compassion looks at the call to share Christ's love and  compassion for a sin-sick world of suffering and death.

•  DISCUSSION QUESTIONS are provided as suggested starters for groups to study the various topics.

•  LEADERS' GUIDES outline the aims of each unit and the main points covered. They include references to the website units and memory  verses to encourage the memorisation of Scripture.

To access each of the resources simply double-click on the links above.







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