Sharing Christ's Passion

Below is an outline of topics in this unit. For more details of the topics in this unit, go to SHARING CHRIST'S PAIN map.


Wailing Wall, Krakow

THE PROBLEM OF EVIL...looks at the postmodern attempt to deny the reality of good & evil and the biblical view of the origins of evil & the Fall of Man.

Christ's face

GOD'S ANSWER TO EVIL...examines the way in which the Cross of Christ is God's supreme answer to the problem of evil & suffering.

Empty tomb

LIFE AFTER DEATH...examines the evidence for life after death and asks Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

Thorns and nail

BIBLICAL LESSONS IN SUFFERING...examines the practical lessons to be learned from the lives of Joseph, Job, Jesus, Paul and Peter.

Hand of comfort

SHARING CHRIST'S SUFFERING...looks at how obedience to Christ's commission to be his witnesses has resulted in persecution.


















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