The Seven Year Tribulation 

The Tribulation: 1st Half
1260 days

The Tribulation: 2nd Half
1260 days

   •   Formation of Kingdom of Europe

   •   Rise of The Beast/Anti-Christ:
        his mark 666 

   •   Rise of The False Prophet

   •   Seven Year Pact between
        The Beast & Israel

   •   The Temple Rebuilt &    
        Temple Sacrifices Restored

   •   Formation of The Apostate
        World Church 
               ["The Great Whore"]

     • Sealing of Israel's Elect for protection
        from The Tribulation

     • The Beast/Anti-Christ breaks his Seven
        Year Pact with Israel

     • The Beast occupies The Temple as God

     • Image of The Beast set up in The Temple
        &  Worship of the Image enforced

          ["The Abomination of Desolation"]

     • False prophet orders all to be branded
        with the Mark of the Beast [666]
no buying or selling without it

     • The Arrival of God's "Two Witnesses" -
        Moses & Elijah

     • The "Everlasting Gospel" is preached to
        the world with the promise of blessing
        to the faithful & solemn warning to all

        who worship The Beast

     • Seven Trumpets & Seven Plagues
        heralding The Day of Judgement

     • The Battle of Armageddon: starts with
        invasion of Israel & the Sixth Plague

Seven Years Of Terrible Turmoil  DANIEL 11:36-12:13

God gave the Prophet Daniel a series of visions concerning the end times.
DANIEL 11:36-12:13 mentions two periods of 1260 days (3 and 1/2 years) within a seven year period called THE TRIBULATION.

It is a time of great turmoil and distress, during which The False Prophet and The False Messiah attempt to prevent God from bringing in his kingdom-rule on earth.

The table above outlines the events that will occur during these two periods according to Daniel's prophecy.

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