Systematic Bible Study

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Reading For Understanding

SYSTEMATIC BIBLE STUDY is designed to increase our knowledge and understanding of God's Word by a detailed study of a particular book, chapter, theme, character, topic or word.

•  Study of a BOOK to find out when it was written, to whom and for what     purpose.

•  Study of a THEME eg The Story of Redemption from GENESIS TO     REVELATION

•  Study of a CHARACTER eg David: A Man After God's Heart or Abraham:     The Father of Faith

•  Study of a TOPIC or WORD such as faith, grace, forgiveness,     repentance, salvation, etc.

2 TIMOTHY 3:16  All Scripture is divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and is useful for instruction, for conviction of sin, for setting things straight, and for training in living a life that pleases God.


Different Methods Of Bible Study

There are several methods of systematic Bible study. A practical guide to these is Rick Warren's PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY METHODS.

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