Jesus' Gospel Of An Alternative Lifestyle

Jesus summarised the Contrast between the World's View of Happiness vs God's View of Real Blessings as shown in the table below.

The Worldly Wealthy vs The Spiritually Rich
Material-minded, spiritually poor
Materially poor, spiritually rich
Happy-go-lucky party-goers
Grief-stricken by sin & suffering
Proud owners of the world's riches
Own little but have everything
No interest in going God's way
Seek God's will & way to live
Cruel, merciless to others
Kind & merciful to others
Sensual, pleasure-loving lifestyle
Pure, innocent, seeking God's holiness
Competitive, rat race view of life
Cooperative,  peace-loving
Unforgiving, seeking
revenge when hurt
Forgiving, blessing persecutors


An Alternative Lifestyle

The crowd listening to Jesus must have applauded the way he turned all the usual assumptions about life upside-down. He seemed to be preaching an alternative lifestyle based on knowing what real love is - love God and people, use things; don't love things and use God and people to serve your own selfish ends.

Jesus went on to tell his followers they were to model this alternative lifestyle to a dark and rotting world.

You are the salt of the earth. So you need to make sure you flavour the food and keep it from rotting. You are the light of the world. So don't hide your alternative lifestyle under a bucket. Let your light shine out so people can see your good deeds and praise your heavenly Father.
MATTHEW Chapter 5 verses 13-16

You might enjoy reading Brennan Manning THE RAGAMUFFIN GOSPEL  which demonstrates some of the practical implications of living out The Beatitudes.

You will find more about Jesus' alternative lifestyle in THE UPSIDE-DOWN KINGDOM.

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