The Lordship Of Christ


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Jesus Christ Is Lord  

The fact is that every one of us will one day meet Jesus Christ face to face, will bow down in worship before him and confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD to the glory of God the Father, as Paul writes in   PHILIPPIANS 2:5-11.


To Be A Christian Is To Know Jesus Christ As LORD As Well As Saviour

To be a Christian means that I have come to know Jesus Christ as
both  SAVIOUR  who died so my sins could be forgiven
and   LORD of every area of my life who gives the orders

In MATTHEW 7:21-23 Jesus warned his disciples about the need for obedience.
And he followed it up with a short parable.

The Parable of The Wise Builder & The Foolish Builder     MATTHEW 7:24-27

•  Jesus told this parable as part of his teaching about the need for what?

•  The Wise Builder heard the word of God and did what?

•  The Foolish Builder also heard the word of God but did what?

•  When God tells you to do something and you obey, what happens?

•  What happens if you do not obey?

•  If we want our faith to grow stronger, what must we do?    


A Prayer Inviting Jesus Christ To Be LORD Of Every Area Of My Life

To invite Jesus Christ to be LORD of every area of your life, click HERE.

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