The Three-In-One God


Photo ©  Photographer Jeff Daniels  

The Bible Describes God As Triune - Father, Son & Holy Spirit

We refer to this aspect of God’s nature as THE HOLY TRINITY. Father, Son and Holy Spirit have existed co-eternally and fully as three Persons in one God. Various attempts have been made over the centuries to offer an analogy for this aspect of God’s nature. Some have seen The Trinity as being like the sun which is experienced in terms of light, heat and radiation. Others have suggested the analogy of water which can exist in three forms - liquid, ice or vapour. But none of these analogies is satisfactory because water, for example, cannot be the same substance as ice or vapour at the same time.

The Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith (shown in the diagram on the left) was so-called because it was painted on the shields of knights in the Middle Ages, based on biblical truth about God as Three Persons in One God. 







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