Jesus Went To The West/East

There are two main theories associated with this approach.

The Jesus & Mary Magdalene Story

According to this theory Jesus went west to Southern France with Mary Magdalene, where they had a son and evidence of their descendants has been claimed by some researchers.

Jesus Went East To Kashmir

Another account, based on folk legends, claims Jesus went east, ending up in Kashmir, where he was revered as Issa, prophet and healer. According to this version Jesus lived to the age of eighty, and eventually died and was buried in a special shrine at Srinagar, where a twelth century Hindu sadhu, or holy man, was also buried on top of his grave. According to these claims, some support comes from the fact that "Jesus' tomb" is oriented east-west, while the tomb of the Hindu sadhu is situated on top and faces north-south  For more information on this claim, see the documentary DID JESUS DIE?


There are two main problems with these theories.

•  They cannot both be correct!

•  The "evidence" for each theory is even more tenuous than the gospel accounts

Each of these theories is fraught with greater problems than those claimed for the gospel accounts and is based on so-called "evidence" far more tenuous than the evidence of the gospels, pagan writings and church tradition.








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