Jesus' Body Has Been Found In Jerusalem

Discovery Of An Ossuary At Talpiot, Jerusalem Claimed To Be The Remains Of Jesus & Family

In 1980 archaeologists were called to investigate the finding of a burial site with stone sarcophagi, called  ossuaries, at Talpiot in East Jerusalem. What aroused considerable interest was the fact that the ossuaries had the names of several members of what appeared to be the family of a man called Joseph. Among the inscriptions on the sides of the ossuary were the names Yeshua bar Yehosef,  Maria, Yose, Yehuda bar Yeshua,  Maramene e Mara, and Matya. The discovery sparked claims that the bones of Jesus had been found, along with other members of his family.


Most scholars dispute the idea that the Talpiot ossuary contained the bones of Jesus Christ.

•  The claims have been refuted by scholars, who say such names were common at the time of Jesus, and that the tomb and the ossuary probably belonged to another family called Joseph, with family members called Joshua, Mary, Judas, Mary, and Matthew

 •  The bones show no sign of the marks of crucifixion, like other victims of crucifixion such as the heel bone found in the ossuary of Yehohanan  (see RESURRECTION EVIDENCE)


To listen to the views on the Talpiot tomb and ossuaries, or to watch the video entitled THE SECRET TOMB OF JESUS (Channel 4,  2008), click on the links here  JESUS TOMB FOUND and TOMB CLAIMS EMPTY







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