Walking With Jesus Every Day


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Listening For Jesus' Voice & Following In Jesus' Footprints

Jesus' call to his disciples was: "Follow me!"  If we are going to be Jesus' disciples, we need to follow in his footsteps day by day.

In JOHN 10: 27 Jesus said: My sheep hear my voice. I know them. They follow me.

If I'm one of Jesus' flock, I can expect to hear his voice as the Good Shepherd, who loved his sheep so much he died for us. I need to learn to recognise Jesus' voice from the other voices around me so I am  not fooled by fakes masquerading as servants of God, but in reality out to lead us astray. Jesus called them wolves in sheepskins.

Jesus' Warnings Against Being Gullible

Jesus warned us not to be gullible, silly sheep who will follow anyone who claims to  be him. To develop our relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, we need to practise four spiritual disciplines Jesus practised every day.    

Developing My Daily Walk With God

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