Two Kinds Of Life, Two Kinds Of Birth



Two Kinds Of Life: bios and zoe

Jesus explained to Nicodemus that there are two kinds of life -

a. PHYSICAL/NATURAL LIFE   (Greek  bios = physical life  eg "biology")
b. SPIRITUAL/SUPERNATURAL LIFE  (Greek  zoe = spiritual life)

“Flesh gives birth to fleshly (ie physical) life (bios); the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life (zoe)"
v 6

In other words, to become a child of God, the Holy Spirit has to do something supernatural to us so we come alive spiritually. That's what Jesus meant when he said to Nicodemus: "You must be born anothen."

The Meaning of Being "Born Anothen " - JOHN 3: 3 & 7

The Greek word anothen in the phrase "to be born anothen" can mean - 
both    "again" 
and     "from above"

Jesus was saying to Nicodemus: 

"You must be born again supernaturally from above by the Holy Spirit of God".

A Supernatural Conception

For this to occur an act of conception must take place. For more on this go to A SUPERNATURAL CONCEPTION.

How To Be Born Anothen

To find out how to be born anothen as Jesus said, click HOW TO BE BORN AGAIN.





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