Two Kinds Of Life, Two Kinds Of Birth


Two Kinds Of Life: bios and zoe

Jesus explained to Nicodemus that there are two kinds of life -

a. PHYSICAL/NATURAL LIFE   (Greek  bios = physical life  eg "biology")
b. SPIRITUAL/SUPERNATURAL LIFE  (Greek  zoe = spiritual life)

“Flesh gives birth to fleshly (ie physical) life (bios); the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life (zoe)"
v 6

In other words, to become a child of God, the Holy Spirit has to do something supernatural to us so we come alive spiritually. That's what Jesus meant when he said to Nicodemus: "You must be born anothen."

The Meaning of Being "Born Anothen " - JOHN 3: 3 & 7

The Greek word anothen in the phrase "to be born anothen" can mean - 
both    "again" 
and     "from above"

Jesus was saying to Nicodemus: 

"You must be born again supernaturally from above by the Holy Spirit of God". And in verse 5 he said:  “Unless a person is born  (a) of water and (b) of Spirit s/he cannot enter the kingdom of God." 

Baptism In Water & In Spirit

a. WATER symbolises baptism in water as a sign of -
    i. a person's repentance =  turning from sin to God
   ii. God's forgiveness of the person’s sins, so s/he will not receive God’s
       penalty for sins

b. SPIRIT refers to being baptised in the Holy Spirit to give us new life and power
     over the power of sin in our daily lives.

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