A Biblical Framework For Ministry

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Laying on hands while praying for healing    Photo: © Lightstock.com

The key to any ministry is total submission to God & the Holy Spirit’s empowerment  -  in fact, doing what Jesus did. JOHN 12:49-50

A. INITIAL DIAGNOSIS: Obtaining A Case History

The first task is to obtain as much information as possible about the problem. This includes -
both natural diagnostic techniques
and supernatural knowledge in the form of words of knowledge & wisdom from the Spirit

B. DISCERNING THE REAL PROBLEM: Seeing Beneath The Surface

The apparent (or presenting) problem is frequently a smokescreen hiding the real, underlying issues. This is particularly true where the illness is linked to, or caused by, an underlying emotional or spiritual problem.
a. Example: A boy with physical problems (deaf-mutism) in MARK 9 suffered from demonic spirits
b. Example: The case of the paralytic in MARK 10 demonstrates
the faith & perseverance of friends and the importance of forgiveness in healing.

Sources of problems include -
    •  the results of living in a fallen world of pain and suffering
    •  suffering the effects of sin committed against me by others
    •  suffering as a result of my sin against God or others
    •  affliction by demonic spirits as a result of involvement in the occult
       or idolatry


Satan is a legalist and will continue to harass us if we allow him legal authority to do so. In order to remove all such authority we may have given him, we need to -
    •  Confess & repent of known sins as the Holy Spirit reveals them to us
    •  Renounce any involvement in the occult and/or satan's works 
    •  Establish the LORDship of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives
       ( LORDSHIP)

This may seem unnecessary where a person has been a Christian for many years, but pastoral experience shows it to be crucial to healing and deliverance.


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