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After praying as the Holy Spirit leads it is important to note any response by the person being prayed for. These may include  -
•  Reports of pain or heat in a particular part of the body
•  Visible signs of activity in the person's body 
    eg uncontrolled movement of limbs or muscles
•  Evidence of demonic manifestations
    eg foaming at the mouth, writhing around on the floor
•  Report by the person the pain has disappeared or a faculty has been restored

Paradoxically, evidence of the Holy Spirit's work in the person may be either positive or negative. For example, in some cases the person may report a sudden increase in pain when being prayed for. This is sometimes apparent with individuals who have been involved in the occult or are suffering from some form of demonic affliction.

The Importance Of Feedback

It is often useful to ask the person you are praying for to give you feedback on what is happening. For example, "Were you aware of anything as we prayed just now?" "How are you feeling now? " "What's happening?"

From experience it is clear that people often do not realise the significance of what is going on inside them and need to provide feedback to aid the healing process.

We see Jesus doing this during the healing of a blind man in MARK 8:22-26 After making a poultice of clay and spittle and laying hands on him, Jesus asks the blind man: "Do you see anything?" The man replies: "I see people; they look like trees walking" This prompts Jesus to continue to minister until the man's sight is completely restored.


Follow up is very important after prayer for healing. In some cases, the prayer may just be the start of a process that may take many weeks or even months to complete. In other cases help may be needed to deal with specific, deep-level emotional and/or spiritual problems.

At the very least it is a good idea to schedule a follow-up meeting to assess progress and identify any outstanding problems. It is also important to provide follow up for people who do not appear to have been healed and who might otherwise feel abandoned by their brothers and sisters in Christ and even by God.  

You can download an outline framework for healing based on Jesus ministry by clicking on A BIBLICAL FRAMEWORK FOR MINISTRY.


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