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The 3:10 Course is the result of a 'word' the LORD spoke on 30 October, 2006 after prayer about the lack of discipleship in so many churches. Dallas Willard calls this "The Great Omission" instead of The Great Commission Jesus gave us in MATTHEW 28:18-20 to make disciples rather than converts and to teach them everything Jesus taught his disciples - to proclaim the Good News that God is in control, not satan; to heal the sick; and to set the captives free.

The Aims Of The Course

The word on 30th October, 2006, was simply: "PHILIPPIANS 3:10". In this verse Paul says that he had given up everything to follow Jesus and wants to

• to Know God Personally
• to Know God's Power
• to Share Christ's Passion

Within three or four weeks of hearing the 'word' PHILIPPIANS 3:10, the LORD had given the author the overall matrix for the course.

Course Outline



Five or six SECTIONS in each unit.

Several TOPICS in each section.

To see an overview of the course, click on COURSE OUTLINE.

Personal & Corporate Discipleship

The 3:10 Discipleship Course is designed for both personal and corporate discipleship.

• The WEBSITE is for personal study
• The RESOURCES FOR GROUPS are designed for corporate study.
These can be accessed by clicking on Resources on the top menu bar and following the instructions to access course outlines, discussion questions and leader's guides.

Our Prayer

is that the course will help you "to know the person, the power & the passion of Jesus Christ as your Saviour and LORD."