How Can I Be Sure?

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Assurance is being sure of what we believe 
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How Do I Know It's Real?

It’s quite normal for us to have doubts about all sorts of things in life  -  even our faith.

The Spanish writer Miguel Unamuno wrote:

"Fe que no duda es fe muerta - faith that does not doubt is a dead faith."

So it is not surprising that many new Christians find themselves asking whether they really have been born from above by God’s Spirit. Satan loves to cast doubt on the reality of our salvation if he can! Little wonder then that it’s also a favourite argument of atheists.

Only Fools Refuse To Believe In God, the Bible Says

Ironically, the Bible says that even satan believes in the existence of God. The only ones who say there is no God, the Bible says, are fools. The Bible's definition of a fool is someone who refuses to believe the evidence for God's existence.

"The fool has said in his heart 'There is no God.'"   PSALM 14:1

The Basis Of Rational Christian Faith:  Evidence & Experience

Contrary to the statements of atheists like Richard Dawkins, who regard Christians as deluded idiots whose ideas should be eradicated like viruses, Christians down the centuries have based their beliefs on Evidence and Experience.

What About Other Religions?

A common complaint against the exclusivity of Christ is the question:  "What about all the other religions? How do you know Christianity is the only true religion?"

The answer to questions like this is always to see what Jesus has to say because he claimed to be the only Way, the only Truth and the only source of eternal Life.(JOHN 14:6)



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