Baptism in Water & in Spirit

Jordan Baptism

Baptism in the River Jordan: Dying to the Old Life & Rising to New Life in Christ       Photos: © Rick Barker by kind permission

Dying To My Old Life & Rising To New Life In The Spirit

Jesus' baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit is an example he meant us to follow.

But we also see examples of where people were baptised in the Holy Spirit before they were baptised as believers in water.

In the Book of ACTS we see individuals who were baptised in water before being baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Different Views on Water Baptism

For a summary of the different views on water baptism, go to VIEWS ON WATER BAPTISM.

Baptism in Holy Spirit in The Book of Acts

In The Book of the Acts of the Apostles we see several examples of individuals being baptised in water and in Holy Spirit.

•  Sometimes the person was baptised in water & in Spirit simultaneously 
    eg ACTS 8:26-39
Sometimes the person was baptised in water first and later in Spirit 
   eg  ACTS 19:1-7
•  Sometimes the person was baptised in Spirit before being baptised in water 
    eg  ACTS 10:23-48

The Importance Of Baptism In Water & In The Spirit

The important point is not the order but the reality of being baptised in water as a sign of the forgiveness of sin and in the Holy Spirit as a sign of God the Father's affirmation of us as his children and with power to follow Jesus.


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