Baptism In The Book of ACTS

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Three Different Forms Of Water & Spirit Baptism

In the Book of The Acts of the Apostles we see examples of people being baptised in water and in Holy Spirit in three different ways.

•  Sometimes baptism in water and in Spirit simultaneously
•  Sometimes baptism in water first & baptism in Spirit later
•  Sometimes baptism in Spirit is followed later by baptism in water

Baptism In Water & Holy Spirit In The Book Of ACTS

Look at the passages below to see how individuals were baptised in water and in Holy Spirit in one of the three ways outlined above.

•  ACTS 8:14 -17  
•  ACTS 8:26-39
•  ACTS 9:1-19
•  ACTS 10:23-48
•  ACTS 15:1-20
•  ACTS 11:16
•  ACTS 15:8-11
•  ACTS 16:25-34
•  ACTS 19:1-7

The Point

The point to notice is that the order in which a person is baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit is not important. The important point is that we are baptised both in water and in the Holy Spirit as Jesus was.

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