Healthy Grief

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Tears are a natural part of healthy grief   Photo: © mbs -

Grieving My Own Mortality

Grief is a strange human emotion. No one can tell beforehand how s/he is going to react to the death of a friend or loved one. In some cases we may be surprised how deeply affected we are by a person's death.

Although grief is a unique and intensely personal emotion, there are universal features ofit that help us to see how to grieve in a healthy way.

It takes one of two forms -

GRIEVING MY OWN MORTALITY  &  prospect of my own death


Jesus on Death & Dying JOHN 14:1-6 ; JOHN 11:1-50 

Many modern translations of JOHN Chapter 11 verse 26 read: "and whoever lives and believes in me will never die", which is patently untrue. We all die. And Jesus did not say that.

The Greek Text of JOHN 11:26

The Greek actually reads: "and whoever lives and believes in me will not die for ever." Older versions like the KJV translate this as: "will not perish". In other words, Jesus is talking about eternal life and resurrection from the dead.

A Pattern In The Attitudes Of Patients Who Are Dying

Research into the attitude of patients who were dying has shown a pattern in the way people view their own impending death. This pattern is characterised by the following features  -

•  DENIAL when I deny that it's happening to me

•  ANGER at my life being snuffed out when I've got so much left to do

•  BARGAINING trying to prolong my life by bargaining with God and others

•  DEPRESSION when the reality of my impending death finally hits me

•  ACCEPTANCE when I realise death is an essential part of life & the gateway to eternal life