David Wilkerson: A Modern Prophet

David WilkersonSQUARE

The Cross & The Switchblade

David Wilkerson, until his death in 2011, was the founding Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City. He is probably best known for his call in 1958 to minister to New York drug gangs immortalised in the book and film The Cross & The Switchblade and for the worldwide ministry Teen Challenge which resulted.

Here in his own words is how this remarkable ministry all began.

"The whole strange adventure got its start one night as I sat in my study reading Life magazine. I merely turned a page, and at first glance it seemed there was nothing to interest me. The page showed a pen drawing of a trial taking place in New York City, 350 miles away from my home in rural Pennsylvania. I'd never been to New York, and I'd never wanted to go, except perhaps to see the Statue of Liberty. I started to flip the page over. But as I did, something caught my eye. It was the eyes of a figure in the drawing - a boy. He was one of seven boys on trial for murder. I held the magazine closer to get a better look. The artist had captured a look of bewilderment, hatred and despair in the young boy's features. Suddenly, I began to cry."

To watch the film of David Wilkerson's ministry to New York gangs, click on THE CROSS & THE SWITCHBLADE.

Teen Challenge Ministries

It was the beginning of a ministry that would lead to the establishment of TEEN CHALLENGE  -  a worldwide ministry to teenagers with problems of drug and alcohol addiction.

The Vision 1973 & Beyond

In 1973 God gave David Wilkerson a series of visions of the end times which he delivered in a sermon at Times Square Church and which later formed the basis of his book THE VISION. Later he published THE VISION & BEYOND in which he showed how many of the prophecies have already been fulfilled.

To listen to the sermon, click on SERMON ON THE VISION. It is clear that his was the authentic voice of a true prophet of God.

To read about David Wilkerson's prophetic ministry by clicking on TRUE vs FALSE PROPHECY.



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