Dealing With Anger In A Godly Way

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Being Angry Without Losing Sight Of God's Love

In EPHESIANS 4:26  Paul gives some good advice on the subject of anger.

Anger Is Not The Problem: It's How We Express It

Paul recognises that we all get angry and says three things about it   -

• WE NEED TO CONTROL OUR ANGER, not let anger control us.
• WHEN WE GET ANGRY, we need to express it in a godly way.
• NEVER HOLD ON TO ANGER - face up to the causes and deal with it.

Godly Anger Shares God's Anger At Sin & Injustice

The Bible shows that God gets angry at certain things. When we feel angry about these things, we are experiencing godly anger.

Over the centuries, Christians have shared God's anger at sin and have stood up for God's standards in society. For example William Wilberforce's fight against slavery, Lord Shaftsbury's campaign against prostitution, Elisabeth Fry's work in prisons, and Dr Barnardo's care for children and orphans.

Christian Expressions Of God's Compassion For Victims Of Injustice

Modern Christian organisations involved in showing God's compassion for the poor and vulnerable include -

  Amnesty International  working for prisoners in repressive regimes  
•  International Justice Mission  seeking justice for the poor / vulnerable 
•  Prison Fellowship Ministries work worldwide with prisoners & families  
Release International working on behalf of the persecuted church


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