What Makes You Angry?

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Look at the list below and tick the things that make you angry.

People who drop litter in the street

Domestic abuse involving emotional, physical or sexual violence

Sexual abuse of children including infants

Corporate greed by bankers and financiers

The treatment of the most vulnerable in society by bureaucracy

Failures by the legal system to provide justice to victims of violent crime

Discrimination on grounds of age, race, religion, or sex

The plight of the poor and unemployed

The rise in alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling today

The arrogance of politicians and people in positions of power

The way criminals often seem to get away with their crimes

Ministers and religious leaders who do not practise what they preach

Car drivers who drive without a licence or insurance


Q What other things that make you angry?
Q How many of them are examples of godly anger at sin and injustice?
Q How might your anger be channelled into positive change for good?


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