Desperately Ashamed

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Jesus' Compassion For A Young Woman  JOHN 8:2-11

It is early in the morning in the Temple courtyard as a young woman, half naked, shivering from the early morning air is thrown down in front of Jesus by a group of self-righteous religious fanatics, who had been snooping on her and her boyfriend and had caught them in the very act of committing adultery  -  an offence punishable under Old Testament Law by being stoned to death.

A Trick Question To Trap Jesus

Her accusers surround her in a circle, ready to stone her to death, after first trying to trap the young rabbi with a trick question. 

"Rabbi!  What should we do? The Law of Moses says we should stone her to death for breaking God’s law prohibiting adultery?"

Jesus knows the secret motive behind their question is to trap him. All eyes are on him as they await his answer. His response not only disarms the self-righteous professors of religion and the Pharisees, who prided themselves on keeping God’s Law to the letter, but also demonstrates God’s amazing grace and love for sinners like this young woman.

A Word Of Wisdom To Solve The Problem

At first he pretends not to respond. But when pressed, he replies with a challenge.

"If any of you here has not committed a single sin and broken God’s Law, go right ahead and stone her!"

Blank amazement!  They’re stunned and speechless. Of course every single one of them has broken God’s Law in some way or other. The old men begin slinking away. Gradually, the rest follow, until there are just two people left in the middle of the courtyard   -  Jesus and the young woman.

Jesus' Compassion & Confronting The Problem

"Where are the men who were accusing you?" she hears him ask.
"Isn’t there anyone left to condemn you and carry out the sentence?"

She looks around and is met by silence.

"No, LORD," she stammers.

"Well, I’m not condemning you either,"
Jesus tells her looking into her eyes.
"Now go and show how grateful you are to God for saving your life by never again  making the mistake of thinking that sex is the same as love. God loves you and so do I. That’s what  matters!  So no more sex outside marriage. That’s God’s recipe for safe sex because he loves you and wants the best for your life."


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